Frederic Palzer, Managing Director of Wingding AG

About the end of an extraordinary year, his team and Wingding’s goals in 2021.

Interview with Clara Sonnenfeld (Editor Startup Presse) and Frederic Palzer (Managing Director WINGDING AG)


Almost half a year ago we already reported about Frederic Palzer, founder and managing director of Wingding AG and his same named nightlife and event app. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 situation has not improved since then; on the opposite, the winter months have recorded an increase in the number of infections and, despite the vaccinations, we currently have little prospect of a normalization in terms of leisure activities or events. All in all, these are not the best conditions for a nightlife and event app like the Wingding app.


Frederic, how do you assess the situation regarding your planned app launch for the beginning of 2021 and how have you and your team been doing so far in these special times?

First and foremost, I am very happy that my team is doing well and that working together from the home office is going really smoothly too. Towards the end of last year, we limited all of our joint in-person meetings and continued to have our internal communication happen only through video calls. My team is insanely motivated and supports our product. In the year of 2020, we were able to accomplish loads and reached our milestones very easily. Full of new hopes, we are now looking forward to the new year, although we have to postpone the launch, that was planned for April, due to the Covid virus` and the circumstances that come with it.

We are using this time to talk to our B2B partners, listen to their ideas and wishes and integrate them into the product. We conduct research and interview our B2C customers to better understand our target audience and incorporate their expectations in the app. We prepare marketing- and launch campaigns and above all, we strive to constantly improve our product.

This sounds quite positive despite the current pandemic situation. It is impressive to know that in these times you’ve found room for optimization in every direction.

What does the team, that’s standing behind you actually look like?

You can compare my team with a global network of experts. We are an international team of bright minds with a lot of experience in app building, global cooperation partnerships, sales, image building, marketing, PR and event planning. Right now, we’re still working a bit in the hidden, which will hopefully change by the middle of the year.

So, are you planning your German launch in the middle of this year?

To be honest, we are already planning all the launches in Europe at the same time, so that we can spontaneously determine the order and dates of the launch events, based on the numbers of cooperation partners. The more clubs, bars, hotels, etc. sign up in a country, the sooner we launch there. Simply said, we already have everything in our drawer and will get started as soon as we are allowed to.

Frederic, what do you wish for, for your company Wingding and your team this year?

First of all, that everyone stays healthy. That we all get through the pandemic together, unscathed and, hopefully, a little bit of our everyday life can return soon. My aspirations for Wingding are, of course, that we continue to be so motivated when it comes to working on our app, that we keep reaching our milestones effortlessly and that we successfully introduce a „game changer“ this year.

At this point, I would really like to thank our investors for their trust in our idea, their motivation to support us and for providing us with their networks. 

That was a nice sentence to finish with. We very often forget the people behind the scenes, who support us with their advice, actions and financial means and without whom many projects would have never been realized. We wish you, Frederic, and your Wingding team further on success and can’t wait to finally download the app!



Photo by Robert Schlesinger


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