The Wingding app is a nightlife upgrade for me!

Wingding App – Testimonials from our testers

Wingding App – For our „Proof of Concept“ we have started the „beta testings“ after the „family & friends testings“. We publish the reports of our volunteer testers for you.


Sophie, 22 years, from Berlin

The Wingding app is a nightlife upgrade for me!

The Pearl, the 808 or even the Deck 5. Our beloved clubs and bars, who doesn’t miss them? Partying all night, having a good time and meeting new people. Especially currently, this is still very difficult, due to the pandemic. But let’s fast forward to the time, when we can party until 6 o’clock in the morning or eat a kebab with a new acquaintance at 2 o’clock.

Through our party life we are already accompanied by a few apps, that help us plan and spend the perfect evening. One of the latest is WingDing.

The app offers numerous advantages and helps us to navigate our nightlife more easily. Here are a few of the benefits that come with using the app.

  1. Event calendar

One of the advantages of this app is the event calendar. It tell us when, where, how and which events are taking place. We can choose from numerous options, whether it is about today or an event in a few weeks or even in a different country

  1. Location Finder

Similar to the event calendar, the Location Finder will help me to find the right events in the the location or country I have chosen. For example we can decide if we want to celebrate in Berlin, Dubai or L.A., outside or inside, or whether smoking is allowed or not. The Wingding app will help me and my and my friends to not only find events and clubs in the future, even better, it recommends the right location for an unforgettable party, and an extraordinary experience based on our preferences, which we can enter during onboarding. we can enter during Onboarding.

  1. Guest list and discounts

Often, it is only possible to get into the clubs, if you manage to get yourself on the guest lists and thus get a discount on the cover fee. This kind of function is especially attractive, because it allows you to not only to get in touch with other people, but makes sure you don’t have to wait in line all night. The Wingding app even gives an option for guaranteed entry in its premium package. Which I will I will definitely try using in the future.

  1. Same vibe

Aside from all of these features, you can also see what kind of people are going to a certain event by either checking the guest list or searching for a specific event type. This also allows you, to meet people with similar interests. In addition, the events are so diverse that everyone can find something there.

Apart from all these benefits, the Wingding app also offers other features. One question I’ve been asking for years is: isn’t there something we can use to meet other people and like-minded people before attending the event or party? For example, so we don’t have to go to a certain party alone, if your bestie isn’t free? With Wingding that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. With the app you can see in advance, who’s close and which interests you share, so you can get in touch. This is my favorite feature. Absolutely unique!

All my nightlife needs are combined in the Wingding Nightlife app. It allows me to meet new people, plan my nightlife with old and new friends, or change plans spontaneously. We find the, for us suitable, parties and meet like-minded people there or beforehand, with whom we can then ride the train home together at 6 a.m. or get an after-party snack.


Foto by Paul Theodor Oja @pexels